Happy Easter Everyone !
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A Blessed Easter to all. He is Risen.
Hermit in the Middle of The City
. . . and to you and yours!! 🙏
3rd Order Postulant
Happy and blessed Easter!
Hugh N. Cry
...and to you and yours as well.
Ave Crux
Happy and Blessed Easter to one and all! Just returned from a magnificent Traditional Easter Vigil Liturgy....lots of new faces in the congregation these days....and young!!
Just me
A Happy and Blessed Easter to you as well Live Mike. And to all.
Servant Of Divine Mercy
Also, let us all appreciate entering a Catholic Church, attending Mass, seeing Our Lord in the Eucharist and visiting our families, relatives and friends; we don't know how long all this will last.
Servant Of Divine Mercy
Happy Easter 🙏