Cardinal Burke, No Holy Communion Without Catholic Faith

Holy Communion may not be administered to non-Catholics, Cardinal Raymond Burke wrote to (June 28).

Burke stated that “sentimental considerations” are no basis for receiving Communion because "receiving Holy Communion means that you accept all that the Catholic Church teaches.”

Burke, who until 2014 led the Church High Court, called for a revision of the fuzzy canon 844 in Church Law.

This canon allows intercommunion in emergency situations like imminent death, “In such a case, once the emergency has passed, the question is why has the person not entered into the full communion of the Catholic Church.”

Picture: Raymond Burke, #newsKplpfmyqjb
Le 844 est hérétique ; en conséquence, celui qui l'a promulgué est hérétique ; donc... mon cher Burke, tire les conclusions.
Gerald May
Yes, but even canon 844 in order to be in harmony with Sacred Tradition requires that the non-Catholic who is immanent of death, must express the desire to become Catholic and renounce the errors of Protestantism.
De Profundis
Burke celebrates his 70th birthday today. Ad multos annos.
De Profundis
“My convictions are the same as those of an old woman praying in the corner of a church.” — Nicolás Gómez Dávila