Dr Bruchalski's Incredible Stories

Dr John Bruchalski is an American gynecologist who used to abort babies, but he left the abortion-business decades ago after he had a religious experience in a shrine in Mexico City, where he heard a voice, “Why are you hurting me?”

Talking recently to gloria.tv, the pro-life-gynecologist remembers one of his patients, who was pregnant with Anna, an anencephalic girl, which he was able to save from abortion. Anna was delivered in the hospital by Bruchalski's friend, a gynecologist who also performed abortions. After the delivery he shouted at Bruchalski: "You take care of monsters. I had to deliver it. I'm not doing this for you ever again."

Several months later the same doctor presented himself with an apology in Bruchalski's office: "Do you remember when I talked to you about the monster? When that baby was born, there was more love in the room - from the parents and the other kids - than I've ever seen before. I have given up performing abortions. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of delivering Anna. The baby without brain changed my life."


Bruchalski told gloria.tv of another pregnant mother, a patient of his, who suffered from a blood disorder and therefore was told to have an abortion. Bruchalski found out that the mother could be helped with a drug called Lovenox that would thin her blood. Unfortunately, the drug was very expensive and the mother had no money. Bruchalski promised to search for it, then they prayed together.

Two days later the pregnant mother went on vacation to a beach 300 miles away. There she overheard the father of a family next to her who talked to his wife about a recent delivery: "Honey, what are we going to do with those three cases of Lovenox we have." Bruchalski's patient turned to them and revealed that she was in need of this drug. The two women found out that both of them were actually Bruchalski's patients. The surplus amount of Lovenox lasted to the day of the delivery.

"I don't understand how this happens. But I do know that our God is a God of abundance and He's a God of love." Very moving interview. Thank you, en.news.