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Bergoglio continues to push the Great Reset

Atila Sinke Guimarães
BERGOGLIO'S COLORS & THE GREAT RESET - From November 11 to 13, 2021, the IV Forum for Peace took place in Paris where hundreds of heads of state, government and international organizations from around the world were represented. Francis took advantage of the opportunity to boldly show his colors as to what he expects for the solution to the universal mass-manipulation we are witnessing under the pretext of the Covid pandemic.

The Paris Peace Forum
In the written message Pope Bergoglio sent to the participants of Paris Forum, the paragraph that expresses how he envisages the near future is this:

"In face of the consequences of the great storm that has shaken the world, our conscience calls us therefore to a responsible hope: that is, concretely, not to follow the easy path of a return to a 'normality' marked by injustice, but to accept the challenge of assuming the crisis as a real opportunity of conversion and change, to rethink our way of life and our economic and social systems. A responsible hope enables us to reject the temptation to easy solutions and gives us the courage to advance on the path of the common good, the care for the poor and our common home." (L'Osservatore Romano, daily edition, November 11, 2021, p. 7, § 7)

So, Francis tells the leaders meeting in Paris that he, representing the world's 1.3 billion Catholics, wants to warn that we should not to "return to normality," i.e., the social-economic situation existing in the West before Covid-19 appeared.

He wants the entire world to "assume the crisis," that is, for governments to continue the abuse of their power. They should continue to violate the individual rights of every citizen by imposing stay-at-home mandates, the lockdown of churches, businesses, public services and places of entertainment, the enforcement of experimental "vaccines" etc.

Pope Francis continues to push the Great Reset
To "assume the crisis" also means to extend indefinitely the "state of emergency," which by its very definition can only exist for a short and limited period of time in a restricted area.

Thus, the Pope wants the dictatorship that has been established everywhere under the pretext of Covid and the unending "vaccine" program to continue as long as necessary to reach goals that have little to do with public health.

These goals are also set out by the Pontiff: to change, to re-think our ways of life and our economic and social systems.

What are the ways of life Bergoglio abhors? They are the ones that we have inherited from Christian Civilization based, first, on the right to private property that ensures a just society, and, second, on the right of each individual to develop his own personality and gifts so that he might become the image and likeness of God he was created to be. These two fundamental rights – private property and free initiative – are direct consequences of two Commandments: the Seventh: Thou shall not steal, and the Tenth: Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's goods.

Throughout History these two moral and social principles have generated various legitimate economic systems. The last of them is Capitalism, which in turn has had many variants in the last three centuries, up to the present day Capitalism.

Since Leo XIII, the Catholic Church has fought to correct abuses in this legitimate system and to achieve economic and social harmony and fairness between employers and employees. This effort was in great part crowned with success, and, in their very general lines we can say that the counsels of Rerum novarum of Leo XIII and Quadragesimo anno of Pius XI were applied.


Francis the Communist
During his entire pontificate Francis has pushed this policy so strongly that he has been frequently labeled a communist. In these last two years, since the start of the so-called pandemic, he has surpassed himself by advocating a universal dictatorship to destroy Capitalism and break its corresponding way of life: the last customs of Christian Civilization still practiced by Western man.

In his message to world leaders, Bergoglio also manifests his hatred of Capitalism in another paragraph:

"Return to normality would also signify a return to old social structures inspired in self-sufficiency, nationalism, protectionism, individualism and isolation, by excluding our poorest brothers and sisters." (Ibid. § 2)

In other words, he wants the end of the possibility for one to save money, qualified as self-sufficiency; the end of countries with their borders and individual economies – no more nationalism and protectionism. No one should be able to have his own property – despised as individualism – or be entitled to the privacy of his family life – labeled as isolationism.

What would be this ideal that Pope Bergoglio tries to impose where there is no longer property, savings, countries and family lives if not Communism?

Actually, at the end of his message, he spells it out:

"Let us not waste this opportunity to improve our world, to adopt means that are decidedly more just to advance progress and build peace. Driven by this conviction, it is possible to generate economic models that attend to the needs of all, preserving the gifts of nature, as well as generate far-reaching policies that promote the integral development of the human family." (Ibid. § 8)

Which are the economic models that attend to the needs of all the inhabitants of the world if not Communism? Which are the far-reaching policies that promote the integral development of the human family if not the establishment of a One World Order without countries or borders?

This is how in his message to the Paris Forum of Peace Pope Francis confesses himself, once again, to be not only a partisan of the Great Reset, but one of its most dynamic promoters.

A sample of the One World Religion in the ‘new normal’
Let us not forget that the Great Reset supposes the end of the confessional religions, that is, the Catholic Church also should be "reset." She should be replaced – along with all the other religions – by a Pan-Religion with no dogmas, based upon moral tolerance and collective social work.

Indeed, Pope Bergoglio is practicing what he preaches as he continues to make his best effort to end the Catholic Church as this column has constantly reported, for example here, here, here and here. He is also pushing hard to establish the Pan-Religion with the ecumenical trip he will take shortly to Cyprus and Greece.

Globalists Cheer Francis´ Role in ‘Great Reset’

The Most evil people on earth have met bergoglio. An he likes them as they are
Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life ,no one goes to the Father except by him ,God gave us the will and freedom to do right or wrong ,He did not impose on us ,like communism does ,which is like an evil idiology that is still spreading around the world ,we were warned about it by Mary in Fatima