University student dies from sepsis after ringing GP surgery 25 times only to be refused appointmen…

Toby Hudson, 19, was unable to reach anyone at his GP surgery before being later misdiagnosed with tonsillitis at urgent care
May Toby Hudson rest in peace Oh Lord, and Let perpetual light shine upon him. Amen.
What you were able to do has no bearing on the systemic failure at the NHS that killed this young man @Cuthbert Mayne
the medical establishment are puting their resources on the virus
Cuthbert Mayne
Such a tragedy. God rest his soul. I had the opposite. A young patient with a retinal detachment didn’t seek medical attention for over a week despite his visual acuity effected. Finally when he did come to see me and I got him to an ophthalmologist on the same day, it was too late to save the retina and he’s blind in one eye.