Sciambra: This Is Was Precedes Totalitarianism

The former homosexual Joseph Sciambra writes that a cultural and social collapse which is followed by a rise of totalitarianism, is preceded by a dramatic swerve towards homosexuality, transgenderism, and recreational drug – especially among the elites.

He made this point on (January 7) with reference to Weimar Germany, Czarist Russia, San Francisco, and Pre-Maoist China.

Regarding San Francisco, Sciambra offers his personal experience of the city's "Pride" events where he sees "a lot of suburban anglo-middle-class teenagers" mimicking a sort of Studio 54 disco sexual liberalism that had a speak-easy quality in the 1970s, but is openly celebrated now.

Sciambra explains that this sort of decadence is unsustainable for any society while for the most part, one of the last stalwarts, the Catholic Church, embraces this as the expression of a "divinely gifted identity.”