Amoris Laetitia Purges at Catholic University – Mercy in Action

In November, two external researchers received a warning from the Catholic University of Milan because of their adherence to the Filial Correctio. Marco Tosatti has published a letter of one of them on his blog.

In December, they discovered that they had been eliminated from the list of collaborators of the university. Contrary to what they were promised, they did not receive a contract for January. The two were never contacted personally. In the meantime, the university cancelled their previous activities from its webpage.

One of the victims is Dr Giuseppe Reguzzoni. He was for more than twenty years an editor of the Italian edition of the journal Communio and its secretary before the Italian edition was shut down. He translated texts of Kasper, Schönborn, Ratzinger and others. The other victim is Professor Andrea Sandri.

Marco Tosatti comments this story, “Mercy is dropping from the claws ...”

Picture: Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, © Gabriele Barni, CC BY, #newsVmlxuzofrl
Most of these "leaders" behave nowadays the same way as some decades ago the same guys in Germany or the Warsaw pact or Sovietunion: "Anticipatory obedience"