New Guidelines: Vatican Encourages Clergy To Register With Regime Church

The Vatican has issued June 28 guidelines about the civil registration of Catholic clergy in China.

The registration is compulsory according to Chinese law and includes the acceptance of the independence, autonomy and self-administration of the Communist regime church.

The guidelines pays lip service to not forcing anyone’s conscience and admits that Catholics suffer "intimidatory pressures" in China. But then it goes own encouraging the registration with the following [wrong] arguments,

- that China’s Constitution formally guarantees religious freedom,
- that the regime church's independence is not meant in an absolute sense as separation from the Pope,
- that there is a [secret] agreement between China and the Holy See
- that “all Chinese [regime] bishops” [the married ones included?] are in communion with the Vatican

The guidelines finally ask the [betrayed] faithful to accept the "decisions" of the [regime] pastors.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsOodfvsiavt
Homoheretics turning in the wheel to the wolves. God will not be mocked. Hell awaits you demons in clerics clothes. Repent