Cardinal Marx Wants to "Cross Over to Other Shores"

"Approach the new decade with fantasy," Munich's Cardinal Marx said in his New Year's Eve sermon, only to repeat the usual old slogans.

He called for "a new holistic thinking." "Old templates and possessive thinking" should be left aside.

The Church should not approach the New Year in a "defensive attitude," but in confidence "that God opens up new possibilities for us - without fear, without narrowness, but with great courage and with a great desire to think new things.”

He said that Christ was angry with those "who are stuck in stubborn [left-wing] prejudices, who do not leave the usual [worldly] paths and who are indifferent to the suffering of others who place their own human traditions above the will of God.

"Human traditions" is the contrary of "Church traditions."

"We don't have to break the bridges of tradition, we have to cross them to the other shore," Marx continued. The "other shore" is in German a term for homosexuality.

Progress cannot be measured only by economic figures or by growth criteria, Marx claimed trying to divert attention from the collapse of the radical modernist German church.

Marx is the coordinator of the Vatican Economic Council and member of the Cardinal Council, and thus one of the Church's most powerful cardinal.

Picture: Reinhard Marx, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsJartinjgqu

Card. Marx's arch diocese owns the biggest share of the German bishop's pornography business. But, he likes wearing big red robes. What a creep.
Homo "fantasy"? Seems to be the main preoccupation of the German Bishops....
Under false catholic cardinal Marx large sections of the German catholic church can not be deemed members of the universal church founded by Christ.
They are essentially schismatic sects.This outcome was inevitable under the leadership of the false pope Bergoglio.
Only crossing over here, is to hell...
Susi 47
send him to the amazon river in Brazil, there're a lot f shores that he can discover and walk along and to overcome
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Nothing new, he already crossed over to the dark side!
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It's nothing new . Marx is just pushing the old template of warmed-over liberal Protestantism. It's the same German arrogance shown by Hitler when, ignoring the experience of Napoleon, Germany invaded Russia.

Some years ago I read Theology for the Third Millennium by Hans Kung. it was little else than the liberal Protestant theology of the 19th century.
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Marx's euphemistic double-talk really means he just wants to remove everything that's Catholic and Christian in The Church
Give me that old time religion, that old time religion...... The 10 Commandments. The Baltimore Catechism. Tradition. Holy Hours. Corpus Christi processions. That is what we crave. Weekly confession.
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Go young man. Go. We'll push your boat off.