The Germans Lose a Battle: How Order of Malta Is Destroyed - Timeline

This timeline is a summary of events within the Order of Malta (cf., July 14)

December 2016
Grand Master Fra’ Matthew Festing dismisses Grand Chancellor Albrecht von Boeselager, Germany, for distributing condoms. Boeselager appeals to Cardinal Parolin.

January 2017
Francis orders Fra' Festing's resignation, replaces Cardinal Burke with Cardinal Becciu as a Vatican watchdog, and reinstates Boeselager. Boeselager consolidates his power.

Mai 2018
A puppet, Fra' Giacomo Dalla Torre, is elected Grand Master. Now, Boeselager wants an Extraordinary General Chapter to decide on a reduction of the powers and voting rights of the professed celibate knights.

June 2019
The election of the Order's new government results in a German victory: 17 of its 18 members belong to the German party.

April 2020
Setback for Boeselager: Fra' Dalla Torre dies. On April 28, the critically ill Dalla Torre still finds time to summon an Extraordinary General Chapter. After Della Torre's death, Boeselager wants to hold the chapter without a Grand Master which is against the statues. Cardinal Becciu disagrees. Boeselager turns again to Cardinal Parolin asking him to overrule or remote Cardinal Becciu. Parolin refuses to get into the same cauldron as in 2017.

July 6
The presidents of the four North American Associations of the Order who feel excluded by the German party, write to Cardinal Becciu, insisting that the Grand Master be elected before the Chapter.

July 10
German Prince Lobkowicz insists on the German "reform" plans.

July 11
The German party loses. Della Torre's deathbed Chapter is cancelled. The date for the election of the Grand Master is set for November 7. The battle for the new Grand Master has started.

Picture: © Giorgio Minguzzi, CC BY-SA, #newsTrarbvoyzb