Cardinal: Parolin Should Quit Over “Incredible Betrayal”

Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen, 86, called for the Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin to step down, because he is responsible for an imminent Vatican deal with the Chinese regime, the South China Morning Post reported on September 20.

The deal aims at establishing diplomatic relations and at letting the Communists choose the bishops, betraying this way the underground Church which remained faithful to Rome during decades of persecution.

Zen called the deal an “incredible betrayal” of the Catholic faith, “They’re giving the flock into the mouths of the wolves.” And, “It’s a complete surrender. It’s a betrayal [of our faith]. I have no other words”.

The Cardinal describes Parolin as someone who despises heroes of faith. “He should resign”, he added, “I don’t think he has faith. He is just a good diplomat in a very secular, mundane meaning.”

According to Zen the deal will damage the credibility of the Church, “Maybe that’s why they might keep the agreement secret.”

He believes that only half of the Catholics would accept the deal, “I’m afraid [the others] may do something irrational, they may make a rebellion.”

Picture: Pietro Parolin, © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsHgptpxlmqq
Cardinal Zen know the CHICOMS from years of experience...
De Profundis
“There is no need to be drastic in condemning and rejecting,” Parolin told reporters on the sidelines of a book presentation at the Vatican on Thursday night. [Reuters uninformed agency calls Zen 76-year-old, but he is 86]