Confirmands Exposed to Full Blown Novus Ordo Kindergarten (Video)

At a November 21 Eucharist during a "retreat for confirmands" in Sacred Heart Parish in Covina, Los Angeles Archdiocese, unsuspecting teenagers were guided into the presbytery to dance to the excruciating “Banana-Potato-Song”, @Canon 212 reported.

A female cheerleader asked for clapping and started the refrain: "Form banana, peel banana, go, go bananas. Form potato, peel potato, mash, mash potatoes. Form the orange, peel the orange, squeeze..."

Along with this, the confirmands were instructed to dance, hop and behave like insane people. Another task at the "retreat" consisted in making outfits out of old newspapers.


The sacrament they apparently received there would very likely be invalid whether in terms of form or intention.
John A Cassani
This is a pretty run-of-the-mill confirmation retreat horror show. It might be a little worse than average, but almost no one is formed to receive this august Sacrament.
Jan Joseph
Misstanden tegen minderjarigen zijn misstanden tegen de mensheid. Deze mensen moeten uit de kerk gezet worden, maar helaas we hebben bisschoppen zonder karakter en moraal. De meeste bisschoppen hechten meer aan hun baantje dan aan hun geloof, geloven ze nog in God?
Heading could just as well have said.
{Chasing young Catholics away}
Laura Yunque
Hound of Heaven
atreverse pensar
This is idiotisation.