Question the official account

"It is a gesture that has become one of the images of the pandemic. Due to the danger posed by shaking the hand of a contact due to the high transmissibility of the virus, the so-called 'elbow salute' has become popular throughout the world. But it can also be unsafe, reveals the World Health Organization. (...) WHO director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, advised against (...) this new type of greeting: "It is better to avoid elbows, because we placed less than a meter away from the other person "What can be the alternative? Dr. Tedros recommends that, every time we see a friend, we put our hands to our hearts and always respect the safety distance of 1, 5 meters."…a-ahora-llevarse-mano-corazon/

Brief commentary on this mind-blowing statement by the clown in charge of the WHO and the puppet of the criminal magnate who finances this global terrorist organization. Tedros, who is not a doctor, but a Marxist and abortionist activist under Bill Gates and in collusion with the Chinese Communist Party, mocks us with a foolproof cynicism: they have us masked, confined, estranged, isolated, controlled , humiliated, mistreated, threatened, depressed, anguished, scared, and now they come to tell us how we should greet each other.


Cuestionar el relato oficial

This is absolutely surreal. Plain and downright Orwellian, to tell the truth. To those who do not see it, I see myself in the painful obligation to tell them that they have a serious problem. The situation in which we find ourselves is extremely serious. The critical spirit and sense of personal freedom have been lost. From overnight. Without reaction or rebellion on the part of the majority of the people. It's really pathetic. If we do not react soon, in a firm, clear and massive way, this "new normal" - absolutely aberrant and with an abnormality that is obvious - imposed on us by the criminal caste of enlightened World Cupists, who programmed, executed and direct this false crisis Global “pandemic” will end up becoming the new daily reality. Is that what we want?

Let's open our eyes for a good time. Let us not submit to their designs. Let us not be silent in the face of widespread lies and deception, with which they intend to destroy our lives and become their slaves, mentally, economically and, soon also, physically, through the damn vaccine of the megalomaniac "philanthropist" Bill Gates, in front of his perverse and despotic “NGO”, the WHO. Let's not indulge in their sinister game of emotional intimidation and mental manipulation, orchestrated 24/7 by the shameful “mass media” that the system funds to brainwash us.

Let us dare to question the official account. Let us raise our voices in the face of this attack against humanity, against this abuse of reason and against this marked violation of our personal freedoms and our most elementary rights. And if, despite this, we fail to reverse the situation, we will nevertheless have preserved the main thing: our dignity as free and untamed people in the face of the tyranny of this criminal elite, which, sooner or later, will have to render an account of its acts before the tribunal of God, who will not fail to do us justice and restore the truth.

Let us never forget: only the truth will set us free, that is what Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us. With serenity and inner peace, but also with fierce determination, let us always choose, and in all circumstances, to be free in the truth and not slaves in the indifferent and cowardly acceptance of the lie, in the face of this universal deception that we have witnessed in amazement for six now. long and endless months.