Skullduggery: The Trump book blitz begins (with Michael Bender)-the inside story of how Trump lost

The Trump book blitz begins (with Michael Bender)

We all knew it was coming once the Trump Administration was replaced with that of Biden's. Book after book after book would start hitting shelves unleashing insider details that pulled back the curtain on what happened behind the scenes during Trump's four years in office. First up, Michael C. Bender, senior White House reporter for the Wall Street Journal, releases Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost. Bender has been reporting on the former President since his time on the campaign trail. On the podcast he talks about that time he was left alone in the Oval Office for thirty minutes before an interview, his time spent on Air Force One, and what it what he learned being embedded into the reoccurring group of people found in the front row of over dozens of MAGA rallies.

Michael C. Bender (@MichaelCBender), senior White House reporter for the Wall Street Journal

Michael Isikoff (@Isikoff), Chief Investigative Correspondent, Yahoo News
Daniel Klaidman (@dklaidman), Editor in Chief, Yahoo News
Victoria Bassetti (@VBass), fellow, Brennan Center for Justice (contributing co-host)

Bender's new book - Here.
Bender's Wall Street Journal Profile/Work - Here.

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