Did Francis Chose Sarah’s Successor?

Francis intends to replace Cardinal Sarah as soon as he turns 75 on June 15, although Sarah is from the “peripheries,” Francis allegedly likes so much.

HommeNouveau.fr (May 9) writes that Francis informed Sarah about this several months ago.

Sarah's successor could be Tortona Bishop Vittorio Viola, 55, a Franciscan who holds a doctorate in liturgy and was a professor in Sant’Anselmo in Rome.

He was ordained in 1993 by his mentor Bishop Luca Brandolini, 87, a disciple, co-worker and confrere of Archbishop Bugnini, the inventor of the Novus Ordo.

Brandolini has been using Bugnini’s episcopal ring which he later passed on to Viola. After Benedict XVI published Summorum Pontificum, Brandolini told the anti-Church Repubblica.it, "I can't fight back my tears; this is the saddest moment in my life as a man, priest and bishop.”

A possible nomination of Viola must be welcomed, as it will further unmasks the secularised Novus Ordo, and contributes to the awakening of those Novus-Ordo circles who still believe in God.


Now you can see, Sarah, what has served your work and your "resistance".
Pope Francis not only chose Cardial Sarah's successor, he's already chosen the bottle of champagne he's going drink in celebration.