Pontifical Academy for Lies? Archbishop Paglia in Troubles

On June 13th, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia's list of the new members of the Pontifical Academy for Life produced a scandal, because among the new members are abortion apologists like the Anglican parson Nigel Biggar.

Paglia tried to justify himself claiming in an interview with Vatican Insider , that Biggar had (at least) never put his pro-abortion stances into print. La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana calls this "a lie". In March 2015 Biggar said in an article for the Journal of Medical Ethics, that he has sympathy for children and "in a debatable way" for fetuses, "at least beyond a certain point of their development."

Paglia also claimed that regarding the end of life, Biggar "holds a position which absolutely coincides with the Catholic one." La Bussola Quotidiana contradicts again. In his book "Aiming to kill. The ethics of suicide and euthanasia" (2004) Biggar distinguishes between a "biological" and a "biographical" life and admits the possibility of a non-voluntary euthanasia for people who are reduced to a "biological life."

Another pro-abortion member of the Academy is Katarina Le Blanc, professor of clinical stem cell research at the Swedish Karolinska Institut. She works with human stem cells derived from killed embryos.

Picture: Vincenzo Paglia, #newsSoizcdlzhe
Pope Pius XII is castigated for allegedly not doing enough to resist the Nazis but in todays's Church contemporary 'Nazis' are invited to take places of honour in Pontifical Academies. What will the future say about that?