Joseph Ratzinger Prize 2017 - Not For Catholics

The Joseph Ratzinger Prize has been awarded this year to three laureates for allegedly exceptional theological achievements. The first is the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, a convert from Protestantism to Orthodoxy.

The second is the liberal German theologian, Father Karl-Heinz Menke. In an interview with the German General Anzeiger he claimed that the doctrine and the morals of the Church need to be adapted to the present level of German Catholics although they only formally belong to the Church.

The third is the Protestant Luther expert Theodor Dieter who wrote a significant part of the liturgy and texts used for the prayer ceremony with Pope Francis and the Lutheran Churches in Sweden. He holds an honorary doctorate of the liberal-relativistic University of Leuven, Belgium. The awardees are chosen in accord with former Benedict XVI.

Picture: © Madrid11, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsPtmofrokeu