Bishop Schneider: Francis And His Synod Prepare for "Female Diaconate," "New Religion"

The Amazon Synod was “fabricated in Europe by apostate priests and bishops” and is used to change the Faith and to create "a new kind of religion," Bishop Athanasius Schneider told (November 4, video below).

The Synod's demand for female "deacons" is according to Schneider “a clear trick” to achieve female priests and bishops as it happened with the Anglicans. This would destroy the Church's divine order, would be "clearly invalid,” and constitute "another Church."

By approving female "deacons," Francis would fall into heresy and betray his office. Schneider warns that bishops and faithful “cannot follow a pope who will permit a female diaconate, and have to resist him.”

He knows that almost everywhere in the West women have abusively de facto taken over the role of a deacon, dress in liturgical vestments, are acolytes, read the Gospel, distribute Communion, lead funerals, and assist at weddings.

His conclusion: They prepare a female diaconate "with the approval of the Vatican."


Fight for the Church
God bless Bishop Schneider likes this.
But worshipping pagan demons doesn't fall into heresy?
Technically, that would constitute "apostasy" as opposed to "heresy," although I guess the technicality wouldn't really matter if they both lead to the same place when all is said and done.
The “we need dialogue” crew in the Church never seem to accept when the dialogue concludes “yeah your idea sucks”
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They're also fans of "compromise", meaning they ask for ten things and we "compromise" by giving them eight. The next time they raise the issue, they ask for three things and we "compromise" by giving them the two they wanted from last time, and so on.