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Catholics, Listen Well! The Amazon Synod Talks to You – by Father Reto Nay

Without realising it, the October 17 Amazon Synod Briefing told us Catholics many important things.

Leah Rose Casimero, a Guyana teacher, noticed that education systems were “imposed” on her people “along with everything else,” but that they need “to take our future into our own hands”.

Likewise, an anti-Catholic education is imposed on Catholics, even in “Catholic” schools “along with everything else”. Wake up Catholics! The time has come “to take our future into our own hands.”

Casimero added that her Indians need to create “something better” for their children. For Catholics it is much easier. They don't need to create anything. It's enough to re-apply what they have abandoned for no good reason.

Felicio de Araujo Pontes, a lawyer, explained how he defends Indians in conflict with “development models that are imposed on the region”. Catholics also need to protect themselves from “development models” imposed on them.

Pontes added that “humanity cannot destroy ecosystems in the name of progress.” Similarly, one cannot ruin the Church “in the name of progress.”

Father Justino Sarmento Rezende, a true traditionalist, insisted on “giving value to tradition.” He wants to develop “new ways of evangelizing”. Catholics know that these “new ways” are the old ones.

Rezende added that we need to “evangelise in our own language.” The Church’s language is Latin. There is no good reason, why Catholics don’t teach their children to speak Latin. During the presser “bilingual education” was advertised. Latin Immersion Schools, what’s the problem?

Porto Velho Archbishop Roque Paloschi, Brazil, spoke about “indigenous people living in voluntary isolation.” He didn't realise that this is the perfect model for young Catholic family colonies who withdraw from the old world in order to live on the New Earth.

Paloschi quoted Francis’ Laudato Sì which addresses the problem of disappearing cultures, and emphasised the need to “protect our vulnerable brothers and sisters” in the Amazon Region.

It's also time to protect the Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ.
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