Mass Attendance in South Korea in Dramatic Decline

According to figures released by the Bishops’ Conference of Korea (April 13), attendance at Masses is badly declining.

Only a few years ago, Korea was considered a hotbed of Catholicism with a dramatic growth. But last year, 19.4 percent fewer people showed up regularly at Mass compared to 2016.

In December 2017, the Korean Catholic Church had 5.8 million Catholics, 11% of the population. The president of South Korea Timothy Moon Jae-in, 65, is a Catholic.

Among the Catholics, 18.4% (2008: 12.6%) are aged 65 or older while only 6.6% are aged 10 to 19 years.

Picture: ©, CC BY-SA, #newsMkakcxfcmz
Maudie N Mandeville
So Korea is #10 out of 183 countries in suicides.
Ivan Tomas
What else to expect? See what 'image' is woman in the midst wearing!
While in Seoul last year, as I walked into the doctor's office during an emergency visit he had a huge 16x20 or larger print of Pope Francis hanging on the wall behind his desk. It took me by surprise. After that we visited as many Catholic churches we could and found so many devoted Catholics including those from the SSPX chapel.
atreverse pensar
After the Francis's trip.