Dijon Archbishop Finds A Strange Solution

Dijon Archbishop Minnerath, 74, France, found a way out after he caused a mess by expelling the Fraternity of St Peter (FSSP).

On August 27 he announced that from September 12 a priest of the Institute of Christ the King (ICRSS) - a group similar to the FSSP - will be in charge of the Roman Rite community in Saint Bernard basilica. He will be an assistant priest of the Novus Ordo Saint-Michel Parish in Dijon.

Presumably, the ICRSS priest is willing to co-preside on Holy Thursday in the Novus Ordo what was Minnerath’s strange pretext to throw out the FSSP which now can redeploy its priests in friendlier territories. It remains a mystery why Minnerath produced this unnecessary scandal.

The faithful in Dijon organised several demonstrations against Minnerath's expulsion of the FSSP.


Darice Henriques
This is sad indeed, unnecessary division between two tribes - ICKSP (aka ICRSS) and FSSP. I suppose the ICKSP had no choice but to accept for the sake of the faithful. This is scattering the sheep by striking the shepherds.
What's strange? It seems he found a group of "traditionalist clergy" willing to compromise their traditionalism the way the FSSP just won't do.
Good for the FSSP!!!!!! - Stay strong!! Our Lady has warned about our times, when "the Church will be filled with compromise" in several key apparitions.