Atheist turned Catholic

Acclaimed Atheist Poet Becomes Catholic: 'My Tears Just Stopped'

Poet Sally Read (Ignatius Press/Used with permission) “If you’re there, you have to help me.” Those are the words that poet Sally Read …
Well, I'm always happy to hear someone has become a Catholic; this piece, however goes on and on about her feelings, even her passionate feelings about Christ. When the feelings pass, will she still have faith? This is a question for all of us, but I just don't trust a piece about someone becoming Catholic because of all the feelings.
Wayside Shrine Maker
She's more thoughtful than you might think. Here is a very good video that will answer your concern. Look up the video on youtube its from EWTN UK. Sally Read Annunciation, a Call to Faith in a Broken World - YouTube She tries to explain to her daughter that faith is more than feelings.