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What to Expect at the 2018 Conference – Angelus Press Conference. – The 2018 Conference for Catholic Tradition begins on Friday, October 12th. Morning Mass, Rosary…More
What to Expect at the 2018 Conference – Angelus Press Conference. – The 2018 Conference for Catholic Tradition begins on Friday, October 12th. Morning Mass, Rosary, and breakfast begins Friday’s schedule. Fr. Jürgen Wegner, District Superior of the US District of the Society of Saint. Pius X, opens the conferences with a welcome address to all attendees.

Next, Fr. Juan-Carlos Iscara, Professor at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, begins the series of conferences with his talk “Warfare, Bloodshed, and Innocence: When is War Just?”

After lunch and free time, Dr. John Rao, associate professor at St. John’s University and director of the Roman Forum, delivers his conference “Immigration: A Catholic Perspective on What Borders Mean”. Then, Dr. Randall Flanery, a licensed clinical psychologist in the Program for Psychology, presents his lecture entitled “Balance: Mental Health and the Traditional Catholic Life”. In conclusion, Fr. John McFarland, Prior of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in Phoenix, closes the afternoon with his presentation “Harsh Lessons from Eternal Wisdom: The Church and Capital Punishment”.

Dinner follows next, with free time, and the annual Trivia Night event.

The second day, Saturday, starts with Mass, Rosary, and breakfast. Fr. Juan-Carlos Iscara opens the day’s lectures with his talk called “Death Comes for us All: What do Catholics need to know?”. Then, Dr. Austin Welsh, a practicing medical doctor from Kansas City, delivers his conference “A Catholic Doctor in the Modern World: Moral Dilemmas”.

After some free time and lunch, Brian McCall, Editor-in-Chief of Catholic Family News presents his talk ”Collision of Authority: The Law and Catholic Life Issues” after which Dr. John Rao unfolds his presentation “Navigating the Modern World: Catholics Who Care About Life”.

To conclude the afternoon, Bishop Bernard Fellay, Councillor to the General Superior of the priestly Society of St. Pius X, addresses the faithful with his keynote speech “50 Years Since Humanae Vitae. Where is the Church today?”

Following the evening meal, Dr. Steven Lantier, a practicing anesthesiologist, gives his powerpoint presentation “Modern Healthcare vs. Catholic Needs: A Family Guide”. At the conclusion of this talk, the Angelus Press private guest lounge opens with drink specials, appetizers, games, and socializing for all to enjoy.

The third and last day, Sunday, begins with a Pontifical High Mass by Bishop Fellay at St. Vincent’s Catholic Church. Attendees who purchase the Complete Package are offered a complimentary round-trip shuttle ride from the Conference to Mass and back to the hotel. After Mass, a full brunch is served in the parish hall at St. Vincent’s. The Conferences continue soon after with an open-panel discussion entitled “What Does it Mean to be Pro-Life in 2018?” A roundtable ‘question and answer’ session follows which allows this year’s attendees to submit their questions for answering. Fr. Jürgen Wegner completes the weekend with a final word that closes the 2018 Conference for Catholic Tradition. After the conference’s conclusion, a wind-down social event is offered to attendees before departing.

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