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(Unedited) Bishop Fellay: Looking Back and Moving Forward – SSPX. - At the Angelus Press Conference, we had a chance to sit down with His Excellency, Bishop Bernard Fellay, and chat …More
(Unedited) Bishop Fellay: Looking Back and Moving Forward – SSPX. - At the Angelus Press Conference, we had a chance to sit down with His Excellency, Bishop Bernard Fellay, and chat about his time as Superior General of the SSPX over these past 24 years. We also asked him about what Catholics can do proactively to support the Church during this time of confusion, as well as some fun anecdotes about being in the shoes of Superior General for almost a quarter of a century.

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I will – I certainly have plenty, plenty – so I to have to dig in to see which one I will bring out. I may say almost every day is a wonderful; is full of wonderful happenings – and so which one, I don't know if there is one which did mark me more than another. Definitely, let's say the beauty of the soul discovering the grace, the work of the grace in the souls, I think that's the greatest happiness which I may have experienced so many times. And sometimes also little glimpse from heaven. You call them miracles. I've been well, God has allowed me either to see some of them directly or to receive the witness, the testimony, from those to whom it happened and these are also – they are not necessary, but they are beautiful. And they just comfort the soul, so I will tell you one of those.

A man told me that he well he was praying the rosary every day the three Rosaries. And he was in fact praying in the Cathedral of Denver. But the New Mass was always happening at the altar and put him into a terrible trial, tribulation. He was greatly devoted to Our Lady of Guadalupe and he was just asking Her, “Where's my Church?!” He was so disturbed by all the novelties, he couldn’t bare it – he was kicked out of the cathedral in fact because he was praying the Rosary. They had a group and they, well obviously, they thought that this kind of prayer is no longer for present days.

And so he told me during at least two years he was totally in the black but he continued his prayer and asking the Blessed Virgin Mary to help him. And one day driving on the highway in Denver, he closed the eyes just the time of one of these little nice prayers like “show me the way” so very one short instant, and when he opened the eyes in fact he was no longer there.

He was driving on the opposite direction, on the opposite lanes. And so he was so shocked that he took the first exit. And he told me, “I don't know how but I was just in present of your church”. And so it was full of packed cars that there was one free spot which he took. And went there and there was a Mass. So he entered – and he was so taken that his prayer that moment was, “Our Lady of Guadalupe, if that's the place, give me a sign!” So he did not have enough obviously – and in fact it was not just a Mass it was the First Mass of one of our priests. And at the end of the First Mass, the priest gives his blessing and his ordination card. And here you have the answer of Our Lady of Guadalupe, because the card was the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe. And so then he understood. You see, these kind of things – of course they had don't happen every day – but so to say, they make your day!

We are in a very, very special time. And it is in part, it was foreseeable. But something like, “It could happen, but let's hope it will never happen.” or even “No it can't happen. That's impossible! God will do something before.” This situation is highest dramatic at different levels. But I think the most dramatic level is at the level of the truth; of the teaching. The Church is, by nature, by mission – that one of the very first mission given by God to the Church: and it is master of teaching. She is really, that's Her role. To teach. But to teach what? The truth! The truth which we have received by revelation from God. God's Word – which the Church has the mission to give to the world. And it's so fundamental that without faith it's impossible to please God and to go to heaven, to be saved! And this mission is the mission of the Church.

If let's say the great privileges have been given to the Church (like the privilege of the infallibility), it's because of that. And if you look now how is this teaching going – it's going blurry, confusing, at the highest level. And if you go lower – the level, for example, teaching the Catechism – you wonder what remains from this Catechism in the practice! If you look what the result in the youth, they no longer know their Faith. Period. It's very, very serious.

The second implication, which is maybe the most visible, or touching, causing emotions in the Church today is at the level of morals. It’s the same question, same bringing in unclarity, making things confusing. To the point where nobody anymore knows what is true, what is wrong, what do we have the right to do or not on matters which are very serious.

And you start, of course, with Amoris Laetitia with the question, “Can...