Coronavirus: Parish-Priest Finds Way to Say Public Mass

Father Francesco Gravino celebrated Sunday Mass on the roof of Our Lady of Health church in Naples, Italy.

Some faithful participated from surrounding balconies.

Gravino came up with the idea by chance, he told (March 20). He wanted to test the loudspeakers for praying the rosary according to Francis' wishes.

Because many people were on their balconies, he used the opportunity to recite the Angelus with them.


DotClarke shares this.
But the most important part, Consecration, takes place and In their presence, so they take part of that grace. That's A LOT!!!
@Ultraviolet , spiritual communion...
Now for the big question... how did Fr. Gravino distribute the Eucharist to those participating from the balconies?
I am glad for the good will of this priest. But the real tragedy is that 50 years ago the true Catholic mass has been attacked, from the same hierarchy. Introducing the Novus Ordo.
Yeah, some say the abomination of desolation was already setup with the novus ordo.
There is a HUGE difference between dying OF the Coronavirus and dying WITH the Coronaviru
That is an extremely astute point, @Tesa Many of the people who are dying have pre-existing health conditions. Coronavirus is making them worse, especially respiratory problems.