Viganò About the Church’s Death Rattle

The demolition of the little that still survives that is Catholic by the bishops and priests marks the the Church’s Descent into the Tomb, Archbishop Viganò writes on AldoMariaValli.it (July 14).

He explains that God wills that the Church imitate Christ in everything, even in his Passion. Therefore, her terrible death rattle is for Viganò the necessary premise of her resurrection because with this “Redemption is brought to completion.”

We participate in the work of the Redemption not passively but as active protagonists, Viganò explains, “It is in this that we may say that we are a priestly people.”

Therefore, in the face of the bishops’ apostasy and the Church’s agony, we cannot be truly pessimistic, Viganò stresses.

He recalls that the priests were the first who wanted to kill Christ, “so it is not surprising that in the moment of the Church's Passion it is precisely they who mock what their blind soul no longer understands.”


God has inflicted Bergoglio on us so that under him all the hidden heretics and apostates will emerge like fully grown tares. Then the reaping and burning of the tares will begin.Bergoglio will be first.
True and faithful Catholics should rejoice that God has chosen us to live in this time. We have our part to play in the plan of God and it is an important one. let us never forget that in the end, the Immaculate Heart will triumph. I believe that that day is not far off.
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