Slaps, Bites, Shoes: Francis' Surgeon In Court

Luigi Sofo, 66, an expert in abdominal surgery who assisted Sergo Alfieri in Francis' July 2021 operation at Gemelli Hospital, has ended up in court, writes Notizie.it (23 May).

He is accused of hitting his former concubine on the head, biting her back and hitting her with a shoe. The assaults allegedly went on for years until the woman reported Sofo. Sofo is also accused of hacking into the woman's emails and telling her "you're worthless" and "you're nobody".

The two met in 2007 and lived together for ten years. At a Christmas dinner, the doctor allegedly slapped her in the face because she had broken a plate of the family service.

I hope he didn't leave one of his shoes in pope,s stomach
michael newman
A new low in tabloid styled reporting of