Four Catholic Professors Fired And Replaced By Pro-Contraception Heretic

The purges at the formerly Catholic John Paul II Institute in Rome are continuing.

NCRegister.com reported that the famous Professor Stanislaw Grygiel, 85, was dismissed from his philosophy teaching position. He is now left with a research position only.

Grygiel came to Rome in 1980 to teach at the Institute by special invitation of his personal friend, John Paul II. Grygiel’s daughter Monika, who taught psychology, was also fired.

Before, the Institute dismissed the known moral theologians Monsignore Livio Melina, its former president, and Father José Noriega.

According to LifeSiteNews, they will be replaced by the anti-Catholic Father Maurizio Chiodi who supports contraception.

The purges are Francis' personal vengeance. He is furious because the Institute did not support his Amoris Laetitia heresies.

Let Francis be anathema
Chiodi is also in favour of gay relationships
Chiodi is also in favour of gay relationships