Jesuit Talks Like A Gay-Activist

„Modern Jesuits are literally indistinguishable from LGBT activists“, writes Twitter-User “Radical Catholic” comparing quotes from gay-activist DaShanne Stokes and Jesuit Father James Martin.

Stokes claims on his website: “What does religious freedom mean if we would use it as a cover for hate and privilege?”

Martin tweeted on July 27: “’Religious freedom’ should not be, and cannot be, a mask for prejudice, bigotry or hate.”

Twitter-User "Fra' Eccles" explains that for Father Martin "hate" is to remind him of "some aspects of Christian teaching that he has forgotten".

Picture: James Martin, © Kerry Weber, CC BY-SA, #newsAoagtvcupu
And to say that this Martin was chosen by Francis for the Vatican communication means that Francis is like Martin.
Hugh N. Cry
How does the old adage go?, "If it quacks like a duck..."
Jesuit Talks Like A Gay-Activist, that's because he is!