Francis Slams "Distasteful habit" of Making "Idols" of "Abstract Truths"

In his Holy Chrism homily, Pope Francis warned priests of a "distasteful habit" of falling into the temptation of making "idols" of certain "abstract truths".

He believes that reference to Church law and doctrine during homilies could "distance" ordinary faithful from Jesus Christ.

He also warned that Christ's words “Go and sin no more” could have a "legalistic tone".

Deacon Nick Donnelly suggested on Twitter that this meant that the priests should "follow Francis's example and 'idolize' their own egos".

Dr Bobus
@Dr Stuart Reiss Francis doesn't favor Reason.
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Francis is filled with the spirit of antichrist.
Dr Bobus
The pope's warning is itself abstract. Francis doesn't seem in favor of the Law of Non Contradiction.
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Nice one, Deacon Nick!
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