Cardinal Kasper: Church Should become “More Protestant"

The anti-Catholic Cardinal Walter Kasper, 86, received applause after his Assumption homily on Reichenau Island, Germany.

The oligarch newspaper (August 16), usually not interested in religion, spoke enthusiastically of an “impressive homily.”

Kasper operated with ambiguous formulations: “Adherence to tradition and renewal are not opposites."

He ambiguously pushed for the [invalid] ordination of women, “I don't have a ready-made solution, but one will have to be found.”

He also insisted on “more ecumenism” claiming that “the Catholic Church can become more Protestant and the Protestant Church more Catholic."

However, the reality beyond Kasper's words is bleak. His radical-liberal German Church is dying, and where ever his recipes have been tested out they have led the Church into unmitigated disaster.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsQpfgkqtntz
Benedict Joseph
This artifact is an abomination and requires institutionalization. Perhaps that is what the Bergoglian conundrum in a straight jacket in a snake pit.
Up next, "the Church should become more..." (pagan/ marxist/ muslim/ homosexual/ whatever will send humanity to hell the quickest)
Thanks to VII the institiutional church is already protestant, however the remnant traditional Church is alive and well!
And THAT was his Assumption homily??? Poor dear Blessed Mother
Hell has a problem....not enough space for all the homoheretics falling in like snowflakes.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
Dr Bobus
That Kasper is a cardinal is yet another gift to the Church by Cardinal Sodano.

When K was named cardinal, I wrote a friend (+) who was a theology prof in Rome, saying that K was a Protestant theologian. He replied that K is not even a good Protestant theologian.
satan will walk among them ( message from our lady of akita)