Francis' Vatican Presses Journalists To Stop Reporting About Purges at John Paul II Institute

Even journalists of oligarch media were forced to give up writing about Pope Francis' purges at the Roman Institute John Paul II.

According to (August 9), editors received phone calls from the Vatican putting pressure on them. Nevertheless, Pope Francis "has great difficulty extinguishing the fire" produced by this huge scandal.

Even the usually very careful former Milan Cardinal Angelo Scola, an ex-President of the John-Paul II Institute, spoke of "purges."

Jorge Bergoglio is not Jewish. Racially, his family (both sides) are of Italian origin. This is why regular people ignore bigots @eticacasanova. When you can't present the basic facts correctly, , why should anyone accept the reasoning you derive from them?
@eticacasanova Paul VI did the most damage. Francis may try to top that, but it is true that Francis is just another modernists like the rest of the VII popes. Although, Francis is much more open with his heresies. I think technology has helped expose this.

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