Bergoglio praises an Argentine communist organization.

"The trajectory of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo is admirable": Bergoglio sent a letter to Hebe de Bonafini on the 45th anniversary of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo.
Bergoglio sent a few days ago a handwritten letter to the Argentine communist activist Hebe de Bonafini, co-founder and president of the revolutionary and pro-terrorist organization Madres de Plaza de Mayo, in homage to the 45th anniversary of the first march in favor of the guerrillas and their relatives who disappeared during the military government in Argentina, in which he vindicated his struggle and his "admirable career". It is important to keep in mind that several "disappeared" appeared some time later in other countries, particularly in France and Mexico, that many died during their terrorist attacks, their urban guerrilla operations and other criminal activities, and that others, the fewest, were illegally executed in hiding by the armed forces, which is obviously a reprehensible act. Let us also remember that Bergoglio has never had words of consolation and esteem for the many victims of the Marxist guerrillas or their families. Nor of repudiation of the "armed struggle" undertaken by these "young idealists" who kidnapped, murdered, tortured and planted bombs with foolproof cruelty, both in times of "democracy" and "dictatorship." This man's memory is visibly selective and his impartiality leaves much to be desired...

This is an automatic translation, here is the original in Spanish: Bergoglio: "Es admirable la trayectoria de las Madres de Plaza de Mayo"

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The Pontiff pointed out that the Mothers "are protagonists of this history of pain with the search for their disappeared children" and called them "Mothers of Memory" in the note released by the organization on its Twitter account.

Source: "Madres de la Memoria": qué dice la carta que envió Francisco a Hebe de Bonafini

Letter from @Pontifex_es to Hebe: "You are the protagonists of this history of pain. You are the Mothers of Memory." #MadresDePlazaDeMayo 45 years vindicating the revolutionary struggle of our children.

Source: Prensa Madres on Twitter

"Dear Hebe, thank you very much for your message and for the book you sent me. I read it carefully and the trajectory that the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, with permanence, have carried out during these 45 years is admirable," begins Francisco's text handwritten (...) and sent from the Vatican.

Source: Francisco le envió una carta a Hebe de Bonafini en el 45 aniversario de Madres de Plaza de Mayo

Bonafini said: "The revolution is made every day. We vindicate the struggle of our children. The revolution is made every day and it is solidarity, loyalty and love for the other. That was the fight that our children gave. Politics is not a way to look for work," said Bonafini in a forceful speech delivered in the Plaza de Mayo, where a ceremony was held with the participation of other important speakers.

Source: Con actos y mensajes en las redes, se conmemoraron los 45 años de Madres de Plaza de Mayo

The president of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Association, Hebe de Bonafini, acknowledged that she told Pope Francis that he was "wrong" with his first judgments about him and revealed that during the interview he had with the pontiff at the Santa Marta residence asked him to visit Argentina "because we need him".

"I told him that we were wrong with him as we were wrong with Néstor (Kirchner). Bergoglio grew when he became Francisco, he grew even more. One has to apologize when he is wrong, and we mothers do it," Bonafini assured when asked. de Télam, at the press conference.

"He allowed all the Italian colleagues who were not listed to enter the interview, not the private one, but the interview. Very important things happened that show us that Francis is with the people, not with the powerful," added the headline. of the organization that defends human rights in reference to the group of collaborators that accompanied her to the meeting.

Source: Bonafini le pidió perdón al Papa por sus dichos: 'Le dije que con él nos equivocamos como con Néstor'

It is not my intention to adopt a sensationalist attitude, nor to launch into eschatological conjectures, but it seems really necessary to highlight the fact that this character presents himself to the world as nothing less than the Vicar of Christ on earth, which is quite symptomatic of the nature of our times...