"2013-2022: Nine Years With Francis"

« The most cunning enemies have filled the Church, spouse of the Immaculate Lamb, with bitterness, they have given her wormwood to drink, they have placed their impious hands on everything that is most dear to her. Where the Seat of Saint Peter and the Chair of Truth were established as a light for the nations, they have erected the throne of the abomination of impiety, so that, beaten the Pastor, the flock can be scattered. Oh, invincible champion, help the people of God against the perversity of the spirits that attack them and give them victory! [1] » Leo XIII.

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"2013-2022: Neuf ans avec François"

"2013-2022: Nueve años con Francisco"

"2013-2022: Nove anni con Francesco"

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[1] Excerpt from the Supplication to Saint Michael the Archangel, contained in the Exorcism against Satan and the other apostate angels, published in the AAS of 1890, p. 743: vatican.va/archive/ass/documents/ASS-23-1890-91-ocr.pdf
and in the Roman Ritual of 1903, p. 227: Saint Michel Archange - wordpress.com/…/20/exorcismo-completo-de-leon-xiii-latin-espanol/
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"2013-2022: Nine Years With Francis" - Publicaciones sobre Bergoglio en lengua inglesa - Relacionado: "2013-2022: Nove anni con Francesco" - "2013-2022: Nueve años con Francisco" - "2013-2022: Neuf ans avec François"
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