Francis wrote a letter to pray the rosary - two new prayers

Francis' letter to the Faithful for the Month of May 2020 (April 25, 2020) Dear Brothers and Sisters, The month of May is approaching, a time when the People of God express with particular intensity …
Francis is actually doing the work of his father the devil. It is a blasphemy to say that he is doing God's work.
Bergoglio is really Janus headed!
In Jesus name I command you to leave Pope Francis alone to do the job GOD assigned to him. AMEN
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How many souls can you count in this image? Can you save these souls? A wicked soul is responsible for this.
Our Lady of Sorrows
True Catholics out there stay on the track whilst we are fighting, although it is important to refute false teachings by trolls, they are deliberately there to change the narrative or get you off tract. We must stay on the track to finish the race.
This May, let's see if Pope Francis finally unveils his new sets of Mysteries for the Rosary. The Environmental Mysteries and the Social Justice Mysteries.

Even the Pope's "prayers" include the usual Marxist manure "devise social and economic solutions inspired by farsightedness and solidarity." Yeesh. Somewhere along the way, he developed the nutty idea Karl Marx is God.
Francis, what about that?