Fatal Rift Among the Orthodox Churches

No Orthodox Church supports Bartholomew, the Patriarch of Constantinople, who granted “autocephaly” to a small schismatic Orthodox group in Ukraine - Metropolitan Hilarion of the Moscow Patriarchat told RT.

This decision led to a suspension of the communion between Constantinople and Moscow.

Hilarion does not exclude that this break may last for centuries.

Ukrainian Church is not Russian

Hilarion points out that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church which was and remains in communion with Moscow, is “not the Russian Church.”

“The only link that exists between the Ukrainian Church and the Moscow Patriarchate is the liturgical commemoration of the Patriarch,” he adds.

Alexandria occupies first place

Now, the Patriarch of Alexandria, Egypt, occupies the first place like in the fifth century when the heretical Constantinople Patriarch was opposed by Cyril, Patriarch of Alexandria - Hilarion explains.

The first place in Orthodoxy “is not something like the primacy of the Pope in the Catholic Church.” Hilarion compares the Orthodox Church with a “confederation” of independent Churches.

Bartholomew’s actions is “revenge”

Hilarion believes Bartholomew acted in “revenge” for the non-participation of the Russians in his Council of Crete (June 2016).

Bartholomew believes that the Russians prompted Antioch, Bulgaria and Georgia not to attend the Council,

“In reality, it was the other way around” – Hilarion explains, “These Churches decided against participating, and it was only after they had announced it that our Church took a decision not to attend.”

Picture: © Saint-Petersburg Theological Academy, CC BY-ND, #newsWefclkienm
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