Cardinal Sarah: Requesting Female Deacons Is “Ignorance Of Church’s True Nature”

To dispute John Paul II's final decision against the ordination of women reveals “an ignorance of the true nature of the Church.”

Cardinal Robert Sarah writes this in his book on celibacy.

He explains that women have the disposition to receive love, and the Church is destined to receive Christ’s virginal love while the role of governing the Church is entrusted to men as it is a “service of the bridegroom for the bride.”

Making ordination the object of rivalry between men and women reduces it “to a form of political, worldly power.”

Sarah warns that stirring up a sort of mutual jealousy between men and women can only be sterile.

He recalls that ancient women who were called deaconesses were not ordained, “Ancient sources are unanimous in forbidding deaconesses to have any ministry at the altar.”

I'm reading a history of Sri Lanka. Very interesting. But what you get from history is this: there has been no society, from Shaka Zulu to Japan, China, India, ancient Israel, Persia, Rome, greek cities, Macedonia, Micene, the philistines, Islam, Turkish, Celtics, Germans, Vikings, ETC. in which government weren't a masculine business. This is madness!!!!