Francis' Spin Doctor Defends Shoe Kissing

Francis' spin doctor Andrea Tornielli, editor-in-chief of (April 12), qualified his master's shoe kisses as “moving.”

Tornielli whitewashes the embarrassing gesture with Paul VI who in December 1975 kissed the feet of Greek-Orthodox Metropolitan Meliton of Chalcedon for the 10th anniversary since the excommunication of the Greek-Orthodox - which to this day re-baptize Catholic apostates - was withdrawn.

Tornielli compares Francis' kissing the shoes of corrupt politicians with Jesus’ washing the feet of his apostles.

However, Christ called king Herod a “fox” (Luke 13) and declined talking to him (Luke 23). He did not answer the questions of Pontius Pilate but, instead, enthroned himself as the King (Joh 18).

Francis, The Merciful...Fool.
Any word from Francis' medical doctor why he can grovel before Sudanese politicians, but genuflecting to Our Lord is entirely impossible for him?
Holy Cannoli
Holy Cannoli