Superiors Knew, Homosexual Jesuit Abused 85 Boys

The abuses committed by the homosexual Jesuit Alfonso Pedrajas (+2009) have been confirmed, after his homosexual partner returned Pedrajas' diary, in which he wrote about 85 victims, to his family in Madrid.

Pedrajas ran boys' schools in Bolivia. He names seven Jesuit superiors with whom he discussed his assaults, some in the context of confession. A superior is not allowed to hear the confession of a subordinate.

Even before his final religious profession, a superior told him to omit the abuse of minors in his confessions and that "nothing will happen" to him. He should consider his actions as "isolated cases". This was the post-Vatican II era when the Church wanted to be "modern" and many left-wing parties actively promoted paedophilia.

In the 1980s, Pedrajas was once sent to work in a Bolivian mining camp for a year as a punishment for corrupting boys. He then returned to the school and continued his abuses. At the same time, the German Green Socialists, now in government, were fighting for the "decriminalisation" of paedophilia.

Not surprisingly, the decadent Jesuits put Pedrajas in charge of the novices for the region (1989-1998). Had he lived a holy life and celebrated the Roman Mass, they would have dismissed him.

Pedrajas was even a candidate for becoming a superior but the evaluations concluded that he was “manipulative” and lacked self-control.

Picture: Alfonso Pedrajas © Society of Jesus, #newsMtkovlpsxk

Hound of Heaven
"Lacked self-control" - talk about a malevolently ironic understatement.