Gay Parade organized by Francis indigenous friend also they promote sex change in children

The Indigenous group in Argentina that Francis received at the Vatican in June is a group that openly promotes the gay agenda. VIDEO

This month the same group is celebrating a pagan ritual to the earth goddess Pachamama with a pagan offering of coca leaves; an idol that Francis gave it his blessing. Pachamama Wikipedia

Tupac Amaru Organization inaugurates gay neighborhood in Argentina (Few days before they met with Francis)

'Francis welcomed an indigenous group from Argentina to the Vatican's Apostolic Palace.

As a gift, they gave to Francis coca leaves, which they consider to be a sacred plant. Even though some misuse it, she said (María Ester Mamaní), they represent wisdom from their elders, who for generations have 'read' the leaves.'
Francis give the blessing to the coca leaves; the pagan idol that the indian used as offerings to worship the ''goddess Mother Earth''.
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Fiel al Evangelio
''What other conclusion can people who love the Church draw, other than you don’t. To
everyone who cares about the Church, looking in from the outside, it looks like you no
longer believe the Catholic faith—because as you know, there is no such thing as a partial
Catholic—you’re either all in or not.'' Michael Voris THE VORTEX Wicked Bishops September 8, 2014
🤐 Sex change in children by Francis indigenous friend and promotion of homosexuality 😡 Francis indigenous friend in Argentina promotes homosexuality and sex change in children. 😡
Therefore,Francis support homosexual marriages. I never heard a pope like that.