German Doom Bishop Wants to “Bless” Homosexuals and to Change Catholic Teaching

The Catholic Church "must reposition itself" regarding homosexuality, Dresden-Meißen Bishop Heinrich Timmerevers (68) told KNA.de (28 September).

Timmerevers wants not only to strengthen "tolerance" for homosexuals in the parishes and in the Church but also to foster their "acceptance."

For this plan he has assigned two “ministers". In this way, Timmerevers wants to initiate a process of alleged reflection in the parishes and at the Bishops' Conference.

He would welcome if the Church would "bless" homosexual liaisons. It cannot have escaped Timmerevers' notice that all religious groups, without exception, who followed the path he proposed have ended up in the ditch.

Picture: Heinrich Timmerevers, #newsTlgjuwbrys

This degenerate bishop ignores a truth found in the motto of the Carthusian Order: "Stat crux dum volvitur orbis" -The Cross is steady while the world is turning.
"The Catholic Church "must reposition itself" regarding homosexuality" Pic related, meme choice intentional.
Gesù è con noi
The apostate Heinrich Timmerevers is in full communion with Bergoglio and schism against the teachings of the Church and openly rebels against the laws of God.
Gesù è con noi
Catholics who join this apostate schism sect belong to the anti-church
Gesù è con noi
Saint Paul said that the Sodomites are defenders of Sodomy. Saint Hildegard explained that homosexuality is the supreme rebellion against God and warned that "When all these sins have been manifested, then the validity of God's law will be broken and the Church will be persecuted as a widow" That is, without a pope to defend the immutable teachings of the Church.
Amazing how characters like this never state what they really mean: That the Church has been in error about this all these years.
Dr Bobus
They don't think the Church has been in error for many years. They think that all teaching on faith and morals is historically conditioned: Every age has its own faith and morals--which is theological Modernism
Dr Bobus
The bishop seems to be someone who wants to have Charity without Faith.