Patriarch Kirill, End Of The World Is Approaching

The end of the world is approaching according to Moscow Patriarch Kirill, 71, RIA Novosti reports.

Kirill said after a service in Christ the Redeemer Church in Moscow (November 20) that the events described in St John’s apocalypse “are already visible to the naked eye”.

"That's why the Church, art, culture, our writers, scientists—all those people who love the Motherland —should come together because we are entering a critical period in human civilization.”

Picture: Kirill, © Kremlin.ru, CC BY-SA, #newsMauzgorkou
I understand the point of this article but we must be careful about predicting the end times. No one knows but God. I get a kick out of these preachers who talk about the end times and rapture all that falsehood. The Roman Catholic in her wisdom reminds us in the last gospel of the liturgical year what signs to look for.