The Church As An NGO!

By Alexander Tschugguel, (München, 18. Januar, Acies Ordinata) “The Church must never become an NGO. Churches and parishes must go out into the public square if we are not to end up as an NGO”. …
Ludovic Denim
There is someone that slander Catholics for mixing it with "White supremacists" in a post below...
Dead on!
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White supremacists have been "going out into the public square" for decades now. and accomplishing nothing with their rallies.
Main point: Protest Irrelevant to Battle of the Day for the Soul of Church. Misuse of The Rosary as well: a sacramental as agit-Prop.

Men in Black meets Blues Brothers meets Matrix. And what a purty purse Mr. Matt wears.
Main point: Church "must renew itself by returning to the true teaching"
Leo D. Lion
what is ngo
Claudius Cartapus
Organisation Non-Gouvernementale (in french)
Non-Governmental Organization. Basically It means being a group recognized as a lobby to the United Nations.