A “Court of Flatterers” Tries to Please Pope Francis

There is a court of propaganda journalists “who have chosen to a priori please Pope Francis, even when he changes the form or substance of Catholic doctrine, or says or does unacceptable things for those who care about the Word of God in its unchangeable truth”, according to Monsignor Antonio Livi.

Talking to La Fede Quotidiana (January 9) Livi, a renowned theologian, states that “this court of flatterers does not admit any criticism from Catholics.”

“We forget that there is a duty of filial correction so that the Catholic public opinion is not misguided,” Livi adds, “These filial corrections do not represent an act of hostility against the Pope, as the courtiers say, but an act of charity towards all the faithful, starting with the Pope himself.”

Picture: Antonio Livi, #newsTiqtwwjpdf
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