Pantheon: Table Is Now Replacing Altar

More than fifty years after Second Vatican Council, the Roman Basilica Santa Maria ad Martyres, known as Pantheon, was inflicted with a table facing the people which is replacing the altar.

The table was blessed on May 13 by the Roman Vicar, Archbishop Angelo De Donatis.

The Italian Military Bishop Santo Marcianò who was present at the ceremony told RomaSette.it (May14) that it took ten years to get the green light from the superintendence of the Pantheon to put the table into the church.

This was necessary because the Pantheon is property of the Italian State.

Picture: © messainlatino.it, #newsWspthdjcgx
...and therein lies the distinction: table appropriate for a meal; and altar appropriate for a sacrifice. They (modernists) first went after the liturgy, and now they are after the family. I've had "traditional" usually indult priests tell me there really isn't any difference between the two liturgies. Obviously, not an honest statement.
Hugh N. Cry
What a pity.