Irish Gay Seminarians Caught Inflagranti in Rome

Update: Irish Seminarians Deny Sexual Misconduct

Two seminarians at the Roman Irish College have been sent home by the rector after they were caught while being engaged in homosexual fornication.

According to the Irish Times (May 11), both had been drinking earlier. Alcoholism is a big problem among homosexuals.

For decades there have been rumours of a gay atmosphere in the national Irish seminary in Maynooth.

In 2016 a seminarian was dismissed after he claimed that he discovered two gay colleagues fornicating together.

A core of seminarians in Maynooth were allegedly active on a gay app and had been engaging in fornication with Dublin priests.

Picture: Irish College, Rome Italy, © Peter Clarke, CC BY-SA, #newsBuksjzraio
Tout le monde sait bien que les séminaires conciliaires sont devenus les pâturages d'Asmodée.
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