Benedict XVI “Shocked” About Traditionis Custodes

"Very high-ranking and extremely trustworthy sources in the Roman Curia" have confirmed to Luigi Casalini (MessaInLatino.it) that Diane Montagna's revelations about the making of Traditionis Custodes (TC) are "TOTALLY EXACT" and true "down to the last detail."

On 29 January 2020 a plenary session of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (27 members) dealt with the dissolution of the Old-Rite Ecclesia Dei Commission. In the process, Curia Cardinals Parolin, Ouellet and Versaldi appeared as campaigners against the Roman Mass.

Other members criticised the fact that many young people attend the Old Mass. One cardinal, supposedly trained in psychology, said that "13,000 go on the Chartres pilgrimage" and that "many" suffer from psychological problems.

The recommendations to Francis ignored most of the points of the discussion, calling only for the responsibility for old-rite communities to be taken away from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and given to other congregations (sacraments, religious, clergy).

In May 2020 Francis launched his survey on the Roman Rite addressed to the bishops. It was completed in January 2021. Afterwards, Francis repeatedly claims that its negative results convinced him to take action against the Roman Mass.

But Montagna convicts Francis of lying. The results of the survey were not what Francis claims. Only some bishops reported negatively about the Old Mass. From the countries where the Old Mass is very widespread (France, USA), there was a lot of feedback. Over 50 percent were positive ("good fruits").

Over 35 percent of the bishops said that Summorum Pontificum should remain unchanged, another third wanted only minor changes. But liar Francis abolished Summorum Pontificum, citing a "wish of the bishops."

Montagna mentions that Benedict XVI was informed in June 2021 about the drafts of TC circulating at the time and was "shocked."


"We pray for Pope Benedict " Benedict isn't Pope anymore @salliperson. You keep sayin' stuff like that, the GTV Angel Of Death Moderator will make an appearance with their scythe. You heard it here first.
We pray for Pope Benedict and for his bishops and his priests.
We pray for Jorge Bergoglio and for his bishops and his priests and for their conversion.
That's what you get for resigning the Papacy, Father Benedict. Francis and everything he's done is the result of that.