Cardinal Ranjith Harbours Terrible Suspicion

Colombo Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, Sri Lanka, believes the coronavirus resulted from “experimentation by a rich and powerful nation.”

In a recently televised Mass, Ranjith stresses that “evil researches” are not done by the poor, but in rich laboratories.

Ironically, he wants the United Nations to prosecute the "producers" of the coronavirus.

Picture: Malcolm Ranjith, #newsXjudnwabmo

This is about a calamity that’s coming to the whole world over a virus and I cannot believe more people don’t see it happening. A self-imposed calamity.
It's clear it is a bio-weapon; Five US soldiers fell sick with it at the end of their Military Games in Wuhan. It is about total control; brain washing, censorship, forced vaccinations, forced identity inserted under the skin.
Our Lady of Good Success Pray for Us!
comfort ye
Everyone knows its an engineered virus - several scientists have spoken up to reveal the dastardly origins of it. Yes, only the rich nations dabble in this and could care less how many it kills.
Roberto 55
It is not about rich and poor, but sinners or not so sinners...