It's Official: Austrian Bishops Publish Five Stations to Sodom and Gomorrah

Father Ewald Volgger, the poet of the Austrian bishops who was commissioned to compose homosex pseudo-blessings, showed their bag of tricks in an interview to the official (June 5th).

The bishops plan to whitewash homosexual fornication in five steps.

First, they will not throw the frog into boiling water, but cook it slowly. Volgger calls this “to progress step-by-step."

Secondly, the bishops will not call a spade a spade but exercise "a certain restraint" in order to dupe the little ones.

Thirdly, they will operate with appeals for tolerance, the ones already used in the political fight for homosexuality. Volgger speaks of "conceding" what he calls "sexual togetherness," calling this the "sticking point" because it allows celebrating a seemingly harmless "togetherness" as a "precious human good."

Fourthly, without direct reference to sexual acts, the bishops lure the little ones into believing that the now accepted "common way of life of two same-sex partners" is led by "God."

Fifthly, they hail homosexual fornication as a "mutual development of the baptismal vocation" and tell the Pope to proclaim "the sacramental character of the relationship."

There will be no sixth station, because this train is headed into self-dissolution as the Homosex Protestants show.
Alex A
Fifthly, should read Filthy.
Ipsa conteret
Get ready! Anyone, who thinks that God will allow this abomination to enter the Catholic Church without retribution, is deceived by the evil one:…
Godless abomination !