The Church Is Not Like an International Hotel Chain - Cardinal Müller Explains to Francis

With Traditionis Custodes, Francis attempts to kill the Roman Rite, Cardinal Gerhard Müller observes in a July 19 statement.

He has doubts about the quality of the text of TC, and criticises a quote of St Augustine used in Francis' accompanying letter. The quote uses Saint Augustine's distinction of a membership in the Church “according to the body” or “according to the heart” to put the accent on obedience. However, Müller explains that the quote doesn't speak about authoritarianism but about unity in Faith which "by no means" requires sterile uniformity in the external liturgical form.

Müller tries to make Francis understand that the Church is not like "an international hotel chains with a homogenous design.” Therefore, in the wake of the Council of Trent, Pius V didn't suppress the different rites, but wanted to curb abuses.

Like Francis, Müller insists on "unconditionally" recognising [the failed] Second Vatican Council but notices that its teachings on Redemption, the Church, revelation, marriage, are being denied “by a majority of German bishops" - and not only by them. They also have contradicted Francis and “flatly” promote blessing homosex and natural fornication.

In this context, Müller notices the disproportion between Francis' insignificant response to the massive attacks on the Church's unity by the Germans (etc.) and the harsh crackdown on the Roman Rite minority so that the image of a misguided fire brigade comes to Müller's mind, which – instead of saving the blazing house – first takes care of a small barn next to it.

Francis ignores the religious feelings of the often young participants in the Roman Mass, Müller writes, “Instead of appreciating the smell of the sheep, the shepherd here hits them hard with his crook.”

Picture: © Joseph Shaw, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsVwhhxjzept

Thank you your Excellency. The voice of Sanity! God Bless you!
@Aaron-Jozef: ik denk dat de duivel blij is wanneer gelovigen de kerk verlaten. Dat is zijn doel en hij gebruikt de meest verleidelijke argumenten om het te bereiken. De Kerk een "sekte van paus Franciscus" noemen is zo'n vals argument. Jezus blijft trouw aan Zijn Kerk, ondanks alles, en Hij zal haar redden.
De sekte van Paus Franciscus is de bende die de kerk bezet heeft, niet de Rooms Katholieke kerk die door Jezus gesticht is.
@Aaron-Jozef: Er is geen andere Rooms Katholieke Kerk die door Jezus is gesticht. Catharina van Siëna zei dat zelfs wanneer de paus de incarnatie zou zijn van de duivel, we hem toch gehoorzaamheid verschuldigd zijn. En al het andere overlaten aan God.
De Profundis
Just an ordinary Sunday in the Latin Mass - PACKED
Undoubtedly now even moreso. Going to Mass isn't just an obligation, it's an act of defiance against an oppressive modernist Pope.
Het praten is nu wel voorbij. De Tridentijnse Rooms Katholieken, die het Universele Rooms Katholieke geloof belijden van voor het Tweede Vaticaanse Concilie, hebben niets meer te zoeken bij de sekte van Paus Franciscus. De Tridentijnse Rooms Katholieken moet gewoon overstappen naar de Sedevacantisten, de Pius X broederschap of de Sint Petrus broederschap.
What a lovely letter and analysis of the situation by Bishop Gerhard Mueller! Thank you, God, for this your servant and shepherd. Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us!